– The PDF Readings include a chapter each from 2 books and 1 journal article.
– Cite only 1 time in this discussion post. The citation MUST be from the class textbooks that I provided for you and NO outside sources.
Choose 1 of the 3 provided options below:
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Defining Behavior
General Guidelines
Each week, you must provide an initial post responding to one of the discussion board prompt options. Please include the discussion prompt you are addressing in the subject line of your post. Once you are done, review the posts of other learners and engage in two responses to a learner, or learners, in any discussion board prompt; you may respond to the same learner twice in a conversation.
Your responses should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone respectful and professional. Use the name of the peer you are addressing. Cite any references according to APA guidelines.
Week 1, Discussion Prompt Option 1
Role Play
A clear behavior definition is essential to the success of any ABA program. It allows for accurate and ongoing evaluation of behavior change. Behavior definitions should be objective, complete, clear, concise, and countable. Without identifying the behavior, create a definition for a safe and appropriate commonly occurring behavior and post it below. Your definition may not be the full 75 words, but it will count as one of your required posts for the week. You may respond to the example provided below.
For example:
The behavior selected is defined as two or more consecutive occurrences of both feet separating from the floor from an upright position. An occurrence is counted after the second jump and ends when jumping has ceased for a period of at least three seconds.
After you post your definition, read your peers’ definitions and try to engage in the behaviors as defined. Respond to your peers with what you believe the behavior was and with your own experience in trying to act out the defined behavior. Was the behavior objective, complete, clear, concise, and countable? Would you make any changes to the definition?
Week 1, Discussion Prompt Option 2
Character Study
Select a character from a tv show, film, or book and identify a socially significant behavior that could be selected for change. How do you define the behavior and what makes it socially significant? What recording method would you use to measure the behavior? You may respond to the example provided below.
For example:
Dwight Schrute engages in frequent tattling behavior. This is defined as any instance of reporting vocally or in writing on any actions engaged in by coworkers to the direct supervisor. This does not include filing a formal complaint with human resources. This is a socially significant behavior as it impacts Dwight’s relationships with his peers. This behavior evokes increased teasing from coworkers and results in the exclusion of Dwight from social activities. This will likely impact his ability to achieve his goal of becoming Regional Manager. This behavior occurs often, therefore frequency would be the most appropriate recording method to track this behavior, though latency may also be relevant to consider in regard to how quickly Dwight tattles after an incident.
Week 1, Discussion Prompt Option 3
Ask, Answer, Share
In this thread, you have the opportunity to engage with your peers about this week’s content in your current environment! Do you have a question for your peers about their experiences with the terms in a clinical setting? Do you wish to share an example of how you understand these terms as they relate to your life or experience? This is a space for peer engagement which will be monitored by your instructor, but if you have specific questions for your instructor please use the Ask Your Instructor forum, email, or course messages.

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