You are required to prepare a business plan for a business of your choice, this

You are required to prepare a business plan for a business of your choice, this can be anything you are interested in from an idea you have about buying something in and selling it online, coffee and panini pop up event van, fitness studio, shop, online shop, beauty salon, tattoo parlour, gym, café, pub, restaurant etc etc. • Using the spreadsheets provided as a starting point prepare some financials for you hypothetical business including: o 12 month profit or loss forecast o 12 month cashflow forecast o Initial capital budget (how much money you would need to start for assets and initial cashflow) The rest of your business plan should include the following: 1. A summary of your business idea including your target market, main competitors and your rationale as to why you think there is room in the market. 2. A section on Pricing with an analysis of how you have priced your products/services, you should quote sources for any research into competitors prices 3. A rationale behind your sales estimates including details of any research conducted, this should also include some breakeven and margin of safety analysis and an explanation of your marketing/advertising plan (how are you going to create awareness if you need to) 4. The numbers in your spreadsheet should be based on researched estimates and logic. 5. References (not included in word count) 1.5k word limit spreadsheet need to be done as well

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