What examples of advocacy do you see in your own nursing practice? List and disc

What examples of advocacy
do you see in your own nursing practice? List and discuss 2 examples. I work in Telemetry unit.
Submission Instructions:
Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted
and cited in current APA 7th style with support from at
least 3 academic sources.
similarity should be less than 14%
Each student must
adhere to the formatting rules which include but is not limited
to in-text citations and references outlined in the 7th Edition of
the APA handbook. For example, this tool does
not italicize journals or book names.
Analyze your
assessment findings and the family’s answers to your questions.
Quotes “…” cannot
be used at a higher
learning level for your assignments, so sentences need to be paraphrased
and referenced.
references include scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources
(statutes, court opinions), journal articles, and books published in the last five years. No websites to be referenced without prior
Mason, D. J., Gardner, B. D., Outlaw, H. F., & O’Grady, T.
E. (2016). Policy and politics: In nursing and health care. (7th
ed.). Saunders. ISBN: 978-0-323-24144-1
Chapters 7-10, and 12
Online Materials & Resources
1. Visit the CINAHL Complete under
the A-to-Z Databases on
the University Library’s website,
locate and read the article(s) below:
o Goodman, T. (2014). The
future of nursing: An opportunity for advocacy. AORN Journal, 99(6), 668-671. doi:
o Abiola, S. E., Colgrove, J., & Mello, M. M. (2013). The politics of HPV
vaccination policy formation in the United States. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law,
38(4), 645-681. doi:10.1215/03616878-2208567
Explore/View the website(s) below:
o Agency for Healthcare
Research & Quality. (n.d.). Home. https://www.ahrq.gov/

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