Using the directions found in the AdvancedPowerPoint Lesson, create a short, nar

Using the directions found in the AdvancedPowerPoint Lesson, create a short, narrated presentation on a resort (which can be real or fictitious). Be sure to follow good presentation techniques as discussed in this week’s lesson. The presentation need not be long (4-5 slides is optimal), so long as all of the requirements have been met. The following characteristics are required to earn full credit:
All slides must have speaker notes for those who are hearing impaired or may not have sound activated on their computer. Ideally, your speaker’s notes should match your audio narration.
Your presentation must have audio narration. Please use the “Record Slide Show” option on the “Slide Show” tab. Do NOT record narration on each slide individually! Timings will automatically get set when you use the “Record Slide Show” option.
Include picture credits in your speakers notes (if any pictures are from your own collection, please state this).
Your slide show must run automatically (ie, without the need to click the mouse) and your voice must be clear. This can be accomplished using the “Record Narration” option under the “Slide Show” menu. You do not have to create individual timings and recordings on each slide! See the tutorial for complete directions.
Your transitions and animations should be timed and sequenced with your voice. Make sure to use the “Record Narration” option on the “Slide Show” menu in order to facilitate this. You will actually click the mouse while you are recording, however, when you save your recording, slide advances will be timed and automatically performed when the slide show is run after this.¬†
Each slide should have ONE main purpose / concept and the multimedia for the slide should be consistent with that purpose.
Avoid using bullets unless absolutely necessary.
Keep text to a minimum and use images as much as possible. Remember to credit your
The presentation contains a beginning¬† “title” slide and ends with a “conclusion/closing” slide.

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