Topic Instructions: For this paper, compare and contrast two criminology theorie

Topic Instructions: For this paper, compare and contrast two criminology theories (you pick the criminology theories) and evaluate how these theories helped establish police patrol procedures and other strategies for crime prevention. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate critical thinking on criminology theories, the published scholarly literature, and how you can apply criminological theories to help address a real-world problem. – All papers must be AT LEAST 10 pages of written text (you may not go under but may go over) – this DOES NOT include the title page, references, charts, images, and any appendices (appendices are not required). – All papers must be typed and DOUBLE-SPACED. – All papers must use 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1″ margins all around (top, bottom, and sides) – All papers must have page numbers (excluding the cover page) in the top right-hand corner of each page – All papers must use APA 7th edition format for citations and references – All papers must have a minimum of five (5) different acceptable academic sources – Only the following are considered acceptable academic sources: 1. Peer-reviewed journal articles (online or hard copy) 2. The readings/articles in the content section may be used 3. U.S. Government publications. You cannot use all government documents, you must use at least three peer-reviewed sources as part of your five. – Papers that fall short of minimum length will have a max point award related to the % of the paper they actually submit. For example, the max possible for a paper that is 50% short of the minimum length will be 50%.

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