This is an assignment that EACH question needs to be PROVIDED with a 200 word an

This is an assignment that EACH question needs to be PROVIDED with a 200 word answer Within the 200 word answer, you must cite page numbers from the assigned textbook from where you found your information. DO NOT list all page numbers at the end of the 200 words. You must also use 1 quote from the text book “Cultures of the West: A History volume 1”, in each question and answer. You must be able to explain this quote. (Information on explaining the quotes found mostly in chapters 1-5) The quote must include the page number. If you do not quote and cite the page number in each answer you will lose 10 points per question. Questions to answer are in the attachment and below!!! 1. What aspects of life in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt made them the first Western civilizations? To what extent does civilization depend on urban life? What are the general characteristics of urban life that can be identified regardless of historical period? 2. The period of the Classical Age in Greece is known for its literary, artistic, artistic, and intellectual achievements. What basic characteristics of Greek culture are reflected in the major achievements of the Greeks in the writing of history, drama, the arts, and philosophy? What universal human concerns did these same achievements reflect? 3. Discuss the Hellenistic kingdoms. What role did Alexander the Great play in the creation of the Hellenistic kingdoms?

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