This is a topic proposal, and it is a description of Inequality between Whites a

This is a topic proposal, and it is a description of Inequality between Whites and African Americans. This should be a brief overview of a topic in American Culture that seems relevant, interesting, or important. Briefly describe the topic (history, background, statistics, and/or influences), why it would make a good subject to discuss in your paper, what the significance of the topic is in society, and what drew you personally to the idea. While your other assignments should not include your personal perspective, this is an opportunity to explain why you are interested in writing this paper.
The outline is:
Introduction: Introduce the origin and history of racism, slavery, and Jim Crow law, and bring out the inequality between whites and African Americans. 4 factors to support my topic: human rights, inequality in education, lack of job opportunities, and police system.
My thoughts for 4 factors: had different unique restrooms and only could sit in the back of the bus, did not have the right to vote. Second, they had separated schools, and the quality and environment of the school were worse than white people. The chance of being admitted to school or higher education was very low. In addition, African Americans lack opportunities to get a job. They were treated differently in the workplace since lower education led to lower job opportunities, and they could only do those low-paid and tiring jobs. It was hard for them to get higher positions and promotions. Lastly, police brutality made the stereotype more serious. The police seemed to use excessive force to abuse African Americans. Black people were considered more violent and more likely to commit crimes. They seemed to be more likely to be convicted or viewed as a threat, so they are easy to get hurt or put in jail.
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