Third argument to critically evaluate The THIRD argument to critically evaluate

Third argument to critically evaluate
The THIRD argument to critically evaluate is in the text. It is Exercise #10, page 107, at the end of Chapter Five. Here it is:
There is nothing immoral about abortion when it contributes to a woman’s well-being.[1] Since consciousness is a function of brain structure [2], and since the brain structure of a fetus is akin to that of a non-human animal [3], it follows that a fetus’ consciousness is similar to that of a non-human animal [4]. And since the value of an organism’s life depends upon the nature of its consciousness [5], the value of a fetus’ life is therefore similar to the value of the life of a non-human animal [6]. Now the well-being of a fully conscious woman is surely more valuable than the life of a non-human animal [7], as is amply demonstrated by the fact that we do not hesitate to kill non-human animals if doing so contributes to our well-being.[8] Accordingly, the well-being of a woman is of greater moral value than the life of a fetus. [9] And, obviously, if the woman’s well-being is more valuable than the fetus’ life, then there is nothing wrong with taking the fetus’ life for the sake of that well-being. [10]
Make sure you diagram the entire argument (using the diagram notation of Ch 5) and discuss counterexamples to each subargument (if there are any). Use the numbers above in your argument diagram–don’t write out the sentences. (The numbers follow a sentence or phrase; they do not precede sentences or phrases.)
This is a long argument about abortion. Think hard and take your time with it.
HINT: Look for premise and conclusion indicator words–they are very useful in thinking about how to parse the text into its argument structure.
MORE HINTS: There are five subarguments. No subargument has more than two premises. Make sure you correctly link all the subarguments together in your argument diagram.
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