The word limit is 2000 words (maximum), excluding abstract, references, tables a

The word limit is 2000 words (maximum), excluding abstract, references, tables and diagrams.
This assessment expects you to write an academic report reflecting upon how a project was managed and what future project managers can learn from this project. This research requires you to determine if the project was managed effectively, if there were any project management predicaments and what lessons can be acquired for future projects. The information/data about the project should be represented in the form of a infographic. The majority of the text of the report should be a discussion about the project management of the project.
During your research remember it is essential that you provide a detailed piece of academic work, illustrating your capability to find and select appropriate information, analyse this information, and provide a thoroughly structured academic discussion.
The project you need to investigate is: London Bridge Station Redevelopment project. Since this coursework is investigating a real-world project, some of the information you need for your analysis might not be available to you. You will therefore need to make a number of assumptions. If you do make assumptions, then it is essential that you base these on known theories and practices. This coursework builds upon coursework one, where you discussed the product the project was delivering and how the project was managed. This coursework, coursework two is where you analyse the given project, develop a list of project management lessons learnt, and determine whether the project was a success or a failure, in terms of product delivery and project management.

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