Sources: 5 sources required Citation Style: Harvard 1- Consider a brand in gl

Sources: 5 sources required
Citation Style: Harvard
1- Consider a brand in glue value category 3. Your choice of brand is not important as long as it is a large company (not an SME) with enough data accessible online to enable you perform your analysis. Using the information from the company you have selected perform the following tasks:
Determine the (grand) strategy of the brand using the frameworks.
Determine campaign-level objectives and KPI’s.
Determine communication (integrated) media.
What is the risk (assessment) of your strategy?
What are the two ethical problems you should consider?
Explain two decisions you will consider arising from your strategy because of the consequent (or which are sensitive to -) intercultural factors.
· Main Source:
Strategic Communication Theory & Practice – The Cocreational Model – Carl H. Botan – Book
Keller’s original article on brand equity
WHO Emergency Response Framework
Coca-Cola struggles with ethical crises
Communicating Risk in Enhancing Disaster Preparedness
Ethical and unethical Communication
Intercultural Communications Strategy
Unethical Practices on Social Media
· For each part use no more than one page (about 500 words per point above excluding figures and tables).
· Use Harvard referencing correctly.
· No major syntax and grammar errors.
· Use as much data – references – as possible, base your argumentation on facts.
· Apply the concepts and frameworks from the assigned literature and lectures.
· Absolutely avoid Plagiarism and similarity.
· Be careful about citation and referencing.
· Add links of all sites used, at the end after the references.
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