Some of you may have taken online classes before; others of you were forced into

Some of you may have taken online classes before; others of you were forced into this online learning environment due to COVID and have stuck around. What are your thoughts about online delivery formats?
Questions to explore might include: What works for you, what doesn′t? What would make the online platform better for you? What challenges do you face in an online classroom? If you′re new to online education, what has surprised you What would you do differently the next time you take an online class? What suggestions do you have to improve the overall online experience?
I will not be grading your opinions, but instead the rhetorical effectiveness of your writing – in other words, how you write about your experiences and connect with your audience. You can see the grading rubric attached to this assignment for specific guidelines.
Essay is on topic and meets
specified length requirements.
Essay is logically organized and
uses paragraphs with one main
idea per paragraph.
Ideas are meaningful and easy
to follow. Essay ″slips out of
abstraction″ and uses specific
examples to illustrate thinking.
Essay moves beyond a
collection of general statements.
*Word Choice, Style, and Clarity
Essay uses an appropriate tone
and word choice, avoiding
wrong words and ″colorless″
words. Essay uses clear
sentence structure.
Essay avoids major grammar
*MLA Document Style
Essay is formatted in MLA
document style, including a
heading, page numbers, and
appropriate margins and fonts.

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