Sociology of COVID-19 Assignment Before beginning your paper on the sociology of

Sociology of COVID-19 Assignment Before beginning your paper on the sociology of COVID-19, please read this carefully. Using the skills, tools, concepts, and vocabulary you have gained from our class, write a paper on the sociology of COVID-19. You may focus on any aspect that feels meaningful and interesting to you. Use your sociological imagination (C. Wright Mills talked about making the connection between personal challenges and larger social issues/problems). To help you get started, you might consider topics that already interest you that intersect with this global crisis—perhaps, you will want to think and write about any of the following (you will see that some even relate to topics we had originally planned for group projects that we can no longer do but this gives you a chance to still pursue these). You can only choose one topic.the mental health implicationsthe economic implicationssuicideaddictionfamilies living in tight quarters and complicated family dynamicsthe college experience and what this means now and laterimplications for higher ed as a result of this—more schools might assume more can be moved online.racism amidst the virus—i.e. the treatment of Asians and Asian Americans (the “China” virus)ageism and the treatment of the elderlyrelationships and intimacy now (people away from boyfriends and girlfriends, the toll on marriages, etc)unemploymentfood insecurity and hungerself-harmthe trappings of domestic violence and incest and assault amidst quarantinehealth careeffects on friendshipstechnology… and the list goes on. Pick what speaks to you or create your own topic (just run it by me first)!You may refer to current events, stories, or your personal experience to help guide your topic and the argument you want to make. If you interview/quote someone to gain insights, please do not give their real name.Formulate a thesis statement about what you want to focus on, critically analyze, and write about.You must draw from our readings to make connections. Use the books! They are jammed with ideas that relate! Quote from them to help substantiate and enrich your papers. When doing this, be sure that you do not leave the quotations hanging alone to do all your analytical connections; examine and interpret them thoroughly. This is a chance to show some mastery of what you learned in the course and an opportunity to reflect on a difficult time in our individual and collective lives. The final paper is 6-8 pages in length, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman font. You may use MLA and APA citation formatting- be sure to give credit where credit is due!

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