Session 2 Punishment Research Analysis Paper Miltenberger (2016) discusses ethic

Session 2 Punishment Research Analysis Paper
Miltenberger (2016) discusses ethical issues in punishment (pp. 122-123, pp. 384-388). After reviewing the assigned reading from Chapters 6 and 18, locate an academic journal article in the CCU online library related to punishment or other consequences (this could be discipline in parenting, behavior management procedures within schools, criminal justice systems, etc.) and analyze the punishment through an ethical lens using insight from the text (Miltenberger, 2016) as well as a biblical perspective. CCU library’s online full-text journal article search will be helpful in completing this assignment. You may access the CCU library website by clicking on the Clifton Fowler Library link in the left sidebar for this course.
To practice searching for appropriate articles on the CCU library website, search for the following full-text journal article and review it to see an example of an appropriate article on this topic. Here is an example of an appropriate article. However, you may not use this particular article for your paper because it has already been provided to you.
Ward, T. (2010). Punishment or therapy? The ethics of sexual offending treatment. Journal of Sexual Aggression. 16(3), 286-295.
You will address the following questions in your two- to three-page APA-formatted analysis of your selected article:
What is the discipline strategy or punishment discussed in your article?
Does the article provide any information about the effectiveness of the consequence? If so, what?
What might be an alternate to the punishment described in your selected article (e.g., time-out versus corporal punishment, therapy programs versus incarceration)? Reference at least one additional source when discussing your alternative.
What is your stance on the ethical nature of the punishment in question after having reviewed the article and the alternative to the tactic you included in your paper? Include a biblical perspective here.
Cite your article, at least one additional source, and the text (Miltenberger, 2016) in your analysis. Include relevant scripture in your discussion of the biblical perspective and as appropriate throughout the paper.

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