PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO and write a 2page reflection paper at the bottom is some requirments forthe paper
(Links to an external site.)
Your reflection paper should do more than summarize the reading, video
or film; in fact, please do not summarize the reading, video or film much at
all—only enough to remind readers of what point you will be discussing.
Instead, your reflection should focus on your belief systems and opinions and
how they compare to what you learned by reading the piece or watching the video
or film. Feel free to be creative and even a bit casual in tone (though you do
need to cite any sources you use, including the one that was assigned).

This paper is clear, focused, and
interesting. It holds the reader’s
attention. Relevant anecdotes and
details enrich the central theme or story line.

The organization enhances and showcases the
central idea or theme. The order,
structure, or presentation is compelling and moves the reader through the text.

Words convey the intended message in an
interesting, precise, and natural way.
The writing is full and rich, yet concise.

The writer speaks directly to the reader in a
way that is individualistic, expressive, and engaging. Clearly, the writer is involved in the text
and is writing to be read.

The writer demonstrates a good grasp of standard
writing conventions (e.g. grammar, capitalization, punctuation, usage,
spelling, paragraphing) and uses them effectively to enhance readability. Errors tend to be so few and so minor that
the reader can easily skim right over them unless specifically searching for

The writing has an easy flow and rhythm when
read aloud. Sentences are well built,
with consistently strong and varied structure that make expressive oral reading
easy and enjoyable.

The writer has researched the topic thoroughly
and has handled his or her sources very carefully using APA documentation.

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