Please read this paragraph carefully and make sure you follow all instructions.

Please read this paragraph carefully and make sure you follow all instructions. It may include special instructions, like submitting a file or commenting on a classmate’s response. Each question or prompt should be numbered and retyped. Then you are expected to write a solid, minimum 1 paragraph(min 5 sentences) response to each section. In general, I would write more than 5 sentences and more than 1 paragraph and make sure I clearly and directly answered the prompt. See this sample below for an upcoming discussion. This is an example: 1) Can you describe a time in your life where someone left you with a bad first impression, but you later grew to know and like them better? Your paragraph(s). 2)What were the factors that led you to such a negative first impression? Your paragraph(s) 3)What were the factors that helped you look past the first negative impression? Your paragraph(s) 4)Lastly, describe how research noted in the video is related to social psychology?
Eye Witness Testimony
Every year, thousands of people are charged with crimes solely on the basis of eyewitness evidence. Many of these eyewitness accounts are accurate, but many are not—which is why psychologists have been interested in the topic for more than 100 years (Doyle, 2005). Several years ago, the National Institute of Justice reported on 28 wrongful convictions in which convicted felons were proved innocent by new tests of old DNA evidence after varying numbers of years in prison. Remarkably, every one of these convictions involved a mistaken identification (Connors et al., 1996). Now, some 300 DNA exonerations later, it is clear: Eyewitness error is the most common cause of wrongful convictions (Wells, Memon, & Penrod, 2006; Brewer & Wells, 2011).
The story below is mentioned in the text, but I thought I would share this powerful 60 minutes episode with you about the case of Ronald Cotton. As we are in our final module, start thinking about careers that can make a difference. Think about professions that need more knowledgeable people, perhaps like you. Whether law enforcement, a judge, a lawyer, or even a psychologist, the material we are studying can make you a better professional. Viewer discretion is advised.
For this discussion, you must watch the following 2 part video and answer the following prompts.
1)Share your general thoughts about this case.
2)Identify and describe, 2 psychological concepts that are relevant to the errors made in this case.
3)What are some arguments you could make to a stranger about the fragility of eyewitness testimony? As always be mindful of length and formatting when responding.
Eye Witness Testimony Part 1

Eye Witness Testimony Part 2

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