Please Read the Final Part 1 document and the rubric The final exam is designed

Please Read the Final Part 1 document and the rubric
The final exam is designed to have you reflect on the topics discussed this semester specifically related to the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments and how they impact schools. The course focused efforts on preparing you to meet NELP Component 2.2: Program completers understand and demonstrate the capacity to evaluate, communicate about, and advocate for ethical and legal decisions. NELP Component 2:2 aligns with CAEP 1.1.6 Application of professional dispositions, laws, and policies, codes of ethics, and professional standards appropriate to their field of specialization.
The responses need to be based in Case Law about Schools and School Administration
I got a 62/125 on the previous Paper and added that paper as reference as what not to do
this is my teachers comments :
I am not even certain how to grade this due to all the missing information and unrelated case law with limited descriiptions. The decisions made were not based on constitutional law. No case law supported the decisions and decisions were often absent of discussions about the rights of those involved in the issues. The score represents points for providing answers although the answers often represented general, unrelated information, that was not based on sound reasoning and application of the amendments that apply to public school personnel and students. I will provide feedback in your responses and send it through email. Please let me know your questions after you have reviewed the information.

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