or the first part of your final assessment, you will write 600-750 word self-ref

or the first part of your final assessment, you will write 600-750 word self-reflective essay about THREE specific skills you have learned in this course.
Your essay should have at least five substantial paragraphs, including an introduction, three (3) body paragraphs (a solid paragraph is at least 5 sentences),
and a conclusion. By drawing evidence from your experience in the class, you will do a reflective self-assessment and write a well-developed analysis.
Review the work you have done this semester in order to explain the skills you have acquired. Explore and explain how you learned these skills and how
these skills will benefit you in your future courses.
Consider the following questions in your essay:
What did I learn? What”skills have I learned (such as writing, reading, critical thinking, research, discussion, teamwork, etc.) in this class, and how will
these skills play a part in my academic life?
How did I learn it? How did the activities-reading and critical thinking exercises, writing assignments, essays and research projects, group work, class
discussions, peer reviews, and so on-contribute to the skills I have learned in this course? How can I show that I have learned these skills? What
examples can illustrate that I have learned what I claim?
Why is it important? What role do I think these college composition skills will play in my future courses?
Include these elements of an essay:
• A clear thesis statement
• Clear organization
• Focused support paragraphs that have strong topic sentences
• Evidence to support your main points (specific examples from the work you did in the course)
• Analysis of your examples

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