My job at Party City is important to me as it played a huge role in my personali

My job at Party City is important to me as it played a huge role in my personality development. My main role at work is filling balloon orders. Time management is a big part of my job as we have customers pre-ordering balloons and we need to start beforehand as to how big the order is. Sometimes, when time management isn’t at its best the orders keep piling up with walk-in orders and pre-orders get left behind, so it all turns into a big chaos. This makes the customers leave bad remarks which hurt the company’s business. Our busiest time is during Halloween, this is the time where there is no leeway for mistakes to be made. There is an enormous lineup of customers which runs to the outside of the store. This time of the year has taught me to be fast-paced as we are trying to clear out customers fast as possible because the lineup keeps increasing. The main thing customers come for is to buy Halloween costumes and when they don’t find their size they have to return to the lineup. Keeping everything organized while working fast-paced has been tough when I started working but now, I’ve got the hang of it.
The second activity important to me is my time at the Bronze Medallion course. This was a physical challenge I faced, as it was a fast-paced 4-day course. Becoming a lifeguard always fascinated me and this was the first step to becoming one. The first 2 days were theory-based material. The last two days were rescue drills, CPR, and timed laps of the pool. I was doing great with all the rescue and CPR safety parts of the course. The timed laps were making it hard for me to succeed in the course. We had 15 minutes to do 12 laps whereas I was taking 18 minutes to do them. I was anxious as to if I was going to succeed, my instructor has recommended I stay after class and practice with him. By doing that I had perfected my strokes and was swimming much faster. By the end, I completed those laps in under 13 minutes. I was proud of myself and learned that anything is possible if you practice and do it with good faith.

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