Learning Goal: I’m working on a r discussion question and need an explanation an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a r discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I typed the following code into R and got an error: Code: “Yale_Athletics.csv” %>% read.csv %>% filter (Sport %in% c(“Football”,”Soccer”)) %>% drop_na %>% select (c(Height,Sport)) %>% t.test (Height~Sport)What is the most promising adaptation?I should palace the exposition pipe operator (%$%) ahead of the t-test
I did not properly subset to a two-group dataset (so the t-test is invaild)
I did not properly read the dataset from file
There are still missing data in my dataset
We all know that the oddsratio function, from the epitools library, is a lovely function for calculating the odds-ratio from a contingency table. Suppose I installed a separate package (perhaps BiostatTools), which had its own function oddsratio. If I have both of these packages open at the same time, wanted specifically to use the version of oddsratio that came from epitools, what would be the way to specify this in R oddsratio::epitools
I tried to plot Weight versus Height as a scatter-plot using ggplot. I used the following code, but got an empty plot (a plot grid, with no scatter). Code: “Yale_Athletics.csv” %>%Read.csv %>%Ggplot (aes(x=Height, y=Weight))What went wrong? I need to add layer to my plot via + geom_point
I need to add an additional plot operation via, %>% geom_scatter
I need to re-order the Height scatter via reorderI should not be specifying the aesthetics in the ggplot command
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