Learning Goal: I’m working on a management case study and need an explanation an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Tasks: -paper -case study-Chicken runTasks: Production & Supply Chain 1 How might Wings & Legs define the best channel design for its supply chain? What are the relative merits of each possible position of the material decoupling point and of the information decoupling point? How do they relate to each other with respect to supply chain planning and control? (16 points) 2 Most managers of Wings & Legs see the exchange of tactical information about (price) promotions between Wings & Legs and the retail companies as difficult to accomplish. What are the advantages for the retail companies of exchanging timelier and more accurate information about promotions with Wings & Legs? In addition, could a joint project with a lead customer to establish a more collaborative planning und replenishment process be an option to solve the issue? (17 points) Global Sourcing 3 In supply chain management much attention is paid to improvement of the vertical processes in a supply chain. However, Wings & Legs also outsource part of production (they buy poultry products from other poultry processors) which means that horizontal processes and horizontal cooperation are of importance. (a) What advantages are there for Wings & Legs in outsourcing part of their production to other poultry processors? What advantages are there for these other poultry processors? (5 points) (b) How should Wings & Legs outsource part of production to other poultry processors, with respect to production planning, quality control and product specifications? (5 points) 4 As part of the improvement project the team identified the label sourcing and ordering process as a further issue. They decided that the procurement manager should lead the effort to establish a sourcing strategy for the self-adhesive labels. (20 points) 5 The information decoupling point only concerns information about changes in demand and market. This is information that flows upstream in the supply chain. In the poultry supply chain, living chickens and perishable products are exchanged. Wings & Legs therefore not only have to consider variations in demand, but also variations in supply. What information should flow downstream in the supply chain (to the poultry processor) so that Wings & Legs is able to match supply with demand in a better way? (4 points) Logistic Management 6 To level demand and supply quantities Wings & Legs are considering building a large warehouse on their premises. You are asked to advice the operations logistics manager on some issues concerning ‘racking’, the level of automation and picking (10 points). (a) What type of racking would be suitable in general (Type / level of automation)? (b) What picking principle is recommendable? (c) Compare the use of ‘pick-by-light’, ‘pick by vision’ and ‘pick-by-voice’ technology in the context of Wings & Leg. 10 7 Although demand in many product areas is not predictable, the demand for certain standard products of Wings & Leg seem to follow clear patterns. Based on the sales data given below establish a forecast using various methods (total: 12 points): (a) Naïve method (1 Point) (b) 3-months moving average (2 Points) (c) 3-months weighted average, using 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 with the heaviest weights applied to the most recent months (2 Points) (d) Exponential smoothing using an alpha = 0.2 (2 Points) (e) Please fill in your results in the table below (round your results to two decimal places). Please calculate in addition the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) (3 Points) of each method. Which method do you recommend and why (2 Points)?
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