Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting question and need guidance to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting question and need guidance to help me learn.The final paper will be one where you are to write a 2-3 page paper regarding no less than 4 subject matters in the course that you plan on using. Are you currently using the tool or concept, will you be using it soon, after graduation, etc. There needs to be thought put into this paper, the purpose is to show your understanding of the concepts and how they can provide real value in your life. No straight copying from the materials but real life, how are you planning on using the tools or subject matter or how are you using it. Grading will be outlined, spelling and grammar need to be appropriate. Please ensure that the spacing is 1.5 for line spacing and 12 font Maximum of 3/4″ margins.Course GoalsYou will be learning about budgeting, cash management, the impact of college on your career and finances, time value of money, purchasing automobiles, housing, insurance, savings, spending and how all of these items affect your overall financial estate.Learning OutcomesWeek 1: Financial Planning and Budgeting1. You will be learning about Planning and Budgeting.o Financial Planning, Developing your Goals, Manage your Budget and Why most plans fail.Week 2: The Financial Impact of Career Planning1. You will be learning about how career planning will impact your financial future.o College and its impact on career planning, the college career plan, the job of getting a job, career success factors.o Build your career plan and turning a job into a career.Week 3: Time Value of Money1. You will be learning Time value of money and how this function impacts every day of life.o Simple interest and the power of compounding, how to use a financial calculator, how to use Excel for TVM calculation, calculate the value of a lump sum and value a series of payments (annuity).o Learning that it is never too early to start saving.Week 4: Part II, Managing your Finances Financial Services and Banking 1. You will be learning about Financial Services and Banking.o The goals of saving, where to save your money, and avoiding fees, long-term vs. short-term savings.Week 5: How Credit Works1. You will be learning about how credit workso Credit, what factors are used by lenders, what is the difference between Credit reports and credit scores, and how do you improve your credit report.Week 6: Managing Debt1. You will be learning about managing your debt.o Debt defined, the psychology of debt, good and bad debt, consumer loans and managing debt, how your credit impacts your interest rates on credit cards, personal loans, cars and mortgages.Week 7: Part III: Spending your money Wisely; Consumer Spending and Protection 1. You will be learning about Consumer Spending and Protection.2o Spending to Save and Options for consumer protection.Week 8: Automobiles1. You will be learning about car buying: needs, wants and affordability.o Needs, wants, and affordability, researching model, value and financing, negotiate price, trade-in value and financing terms.Week 9: Housing1. You will be learning about the home buying process.o Your first home, the home-buying process, and shopping for mortgages.Week 10: Part IV: Retirement and Investments: Retirement and Investment Fundamentals 1. Retirement and Investment Fundamentalso You will be learning about the basic Investing, five investment concepts to know, retirement investment options, non-retirement investment goals.Week 11: Investment Strategies, Stocks and Bonds1. You will be learning about the foundation of a sound investment strategy, investment markets, stocks and bonds.Week 12: Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), Real Estate and Alternative Investments.1. You will be learning about Diversified investments, real estate investments and alternative investments.Week 13: Part V: Tax and Estate Planning; Taxes1. You will be learning about taxes and how they affect everyone, planning for and preparing taxes and filing a federal tax return..Week 14: Insurance and Risk management1. You will be learning about Risk, insurance and how to buy insurance to make sure you are protected.Week 15: Estate PlanningYou will be learning about estate planning fundamentals, legal aspects of estate planning and tax consequences to your estate.
Requirements: 2-3 pages

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