INTL 5590 Week 1: Caravan Security Discussion RESPOND TO NATALIA & CHRISTOPHER

INTL 5590
Week 1:
Caravan Security Discussion
Review the discussion
questions in Neack, ch. 1, 18. In the run-up to the US 2018 elections, the
Trump administration focused on a migrant “caravan” that originated
in Central America and was working its way towards the US border. The Biden
administration faces the same issue and related policy questions; see, for
example, Daina Beth Solomon, “After weeks walking, Mexico migrant caravan
splits up on buses headed north,” Reuters, 23 Dec 2021, (Links
to an external site.). In light of Neack’s questions, what
security issues do such caravans raise? Analyze these issues in terms of
national, international, and human security.
& Resources:
Christopher S. Browning International Security: A Very Short
Introduction (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013)
Laura Neack National, International, and Human Security: A
Comparative Introduction, 2nd ed. (Lanham, Boulder, New York and London:
Rowman and Littlefield, 2017)
Schedule of
Activities (subject to change):
Week 1: Introductions
Topics: Instructor introduction, bio; syllabus and
assignments overview, guidelines, policies
Issues, terms, and theories regarding international organizations and
global governance
Sample terms: clash of civilizations, failing/failed states, mutually
assured destruction, security dilemma, police state, civil war
Reading: Browning, chapters 1-3; Neack, chapter 1; Week 1 notes
(online, World Classroom)
Video: “America and the World (Links to an external
site.): A Conversation with Former National Security
Advisors,” posted by theAspen Institute, August 6, 2018,
Assignments: student introductions or icebreaker (via the
course discussion area)

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