II Reflection Paper In this unit, we learned about the value of a leader’s chara

II Reflection Paper In this unit, we learned about the value
of a leader’s character and how it impacts all facets of one’s leadership
style. Review the previous assignments in this course and write a reflection
paper describing your primary leadership and coaching style, conflict
management style, and emotional intelligence quotient profile.
Discuss the
importance of strong character in these components. Include the elements listed
below in your reflection paper.
How do your leadership, coaching, and conflict management
styles work together as you lead and coach others?
Discuss the use of
social awareness strategies to build your emotional intelligence.
Explain how your integrity of character can lead to
motivated employees.
Analyze the relationship between adaptive leadership styles
and strong character.
Explain how your
value for differences can enable you to reach your organizational goals.
What steps can you take to sharpen your leadership skills
and continue learning?
What have you learned from the assignments and research that
will influence how you lead and coach others in the future?
Your completed reflection paper must be at least two pages
in length
Please adhere to APA
Style when creating citations and references for this assignment if outside
sources are used. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

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