Identify regulatory agencies that regulate health and the health care system wit

Identify regulatory
agencies that regulate health and the health care system within the US, create
a table listing your 5 regulatory agencies and address the following:
1. Describe
the agency, level of regulatory authority (local, state, federal), scope of
regulatory authority, and role within the US healthcare system.
2. Address
relevance of the organization or the organization’s authority to the APRN/DNP
3. Describe
relevance to specialty area, area of practice, or setting of practice. For an
example, mental health.
Submission Requirements:
In the table, write the 3 criteria above and respond to them.
The table is to be clear and concise, and students will lose
points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
The table is to be complete and thorough. It should include all
items indicated in the assignment.
Incorporate at least 3 current (published within last five
years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal
sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work.
Turnitin similarity
should be less than 14%
Mason, D. J., Gardner, B. D., Outlaw, H. F., & O’Grady, T.
E. (2016). Policy and politics: In nursing and health care. (7th
ed.). Saunders. ISBN: 978-0-323-24144-1
Chapters 7-10, and 12
Online Materials & Resources
1. Visit the CINAHL Complete under
the A-to-Z Databases on
the University Library’s website,
locate and read the article(s) below:
o Goodman, T. (2014). The
future of nursing: An opportunity for advocacy. AORN Journal, 99(6), 668-671. doi:
o Abiola, S. E., Colgrove, J., & Mello, M. M. (2013). The politics of HPV
vaccination policy formation in the United States. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law,
38(4), 645-681. doi:10.1215/03616878-2208567
Explore/View the website(s) below:
o Agency for Healthcare
Research & Quality. (n.d.). Home.

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