I am fascinated by architecture and the sense of its engagement with different “

I am fascinated by architecture and the sense of its engagement with different “locations,” “countries,” “people,” “animals, and “life” in daily life.
I want to further my study of architecture, not because I grew up with a great talent for drawing or a profound passion for medieval renaissance decoration. Instead, I appreciate that the opportunity to study abroad and opened my eyes to understand the importance of “first principles. “People can easily be influenced by their subconscious to define their perceptions of new worlds—for example, my hometown city “Chongqing,” which is a city surrounded by mountains. I always thought that a city surrounded by mountains must be “tunneled” until I traveled to San Francisco, a city with “sloping buildings. “From that time on, I started to observe my surroundings and think about my environment.
According to Abraham Maslow, food, breath, water, sleep, clothing, and shelter are considered the first stage of human life and collectively known as the physical requirements stage. I strongly agree with “shelter” as one of these. I am attracted to architecture, not for its fancy ornamentation, but its possibilities for human life and the starting point of different national cultural backgrounds. The architecture enables a connection between humans and the earth, culture, and land. It is like a beehive that connects bees to nature. Through architecture, we are all sheltered and sustained. Thus, our culture is inherited.
I understand that from the Stone Age to Industrial Revolution, from the Renaissance to the Bauhaus… and contemporary, each era has influenced and gradually reformed the other. From the satisfaction of human shelter requirements to the pursuit of safety, art, and spirituality. The current architectural revolution is moving towards a greater direction, considering whether architecture can have a new way of being while preserving our home planet. I want to use proficient knowledge of understanding materials and architectural concepts to contribute to the future of architecture while addressing human needs for architecture and the responsibility to society.
Consequently, I wish to have an experienced platform to help me to contribute to architecture development while achieving my architectural ambitions.

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