How does popular culture affect intercultural communication? Support your answer.
1. please attempt to provide external sources OTHER than the ones listed under ‘ Course Materials’. The articles just provide a framework of understanding. It is not encouraged to simply use that article for citing.
2. Your responses should be between 3-6 pages double spaced, cited correctly and documented well. I am not seeking a summary. I am seeking a critical answer. Please google or use any online search engines on how to write a critical response.
3. Please note the following before submission:
4. 1. Please proofread spelling and grammar.
5. 2. Follow APA style( Google search “ Purdue OWL)
6. 3. CITE ALL your sources. Failure to cite sources will result in plagiarism ( A minimum of 3-5 sources outside from the book)
7. 4. Answer the question critically, do not summarize sentences from the book etc
8. 5. Answer length: 4-6 pages, well cited, proofread and the question critically analyzed and answered.

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