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Hendricks, C. (2017). Improving schools through action research: A comprehensive guide for educators. Pearson.
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Focus of the Report
You are expected to conduct background research and produce a report for each module. The corresponding background reading report for this module is due on January 23rd, 2022. The focus of this report is on the premises of action research. Specifically, for this report, you are expected to address the following questions:
Is action research different from educational research, in general?
What is the typical process for conducting action research?
What are the types of action research?
The report features an introduction providing appropriate background for the report. To this end, (a) in the introduction the nature and relevance of the topic underlining the report are clearly and coherently described (5 points), (b) the purpose of the report is visible and clearly articulated (5 points), and (c) an advance organizer (how the report is structured) is also provided to set the context for the readers (5 points).
Coverage of Expected Components
The report features a discussion in response to the questions related to: (a) the difference between action research and educational research (5 points); (b) the process for conducting action research (5 points); (c) types of action research (5 points). In addition, the coverage of each expected component features a clear, concise, and coherent discussion of major ideas (5 points).
The report provides: (a) Clear and concise conclusions about the key ideas you learned out of work completed on this report (5 points); and (b) the conclusions also include a clear description of implications for practice and/or the project you will be working on during the course (5 points).
Use of APA and Format
The report includes citations for each reading/resource consulted in the completion of the report, including a list of those resources, using format guidelines by the Publication Manual (7th ed.) of the American Psychological Association (APA). Sections are clearly identified using appropriate headings/subheadings.
The report is clearly organized and reflects your “own voice.” It shows there is a logical flow in the expression of major points. The report is free of grammatical errors and types, and in general the narrative is easy to follow.

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