Give a response in 3-4 to each of the responses below! Do you agree, or disagree

Give a response in 3-4 to each of the responses below! Do you agree, or disagree on what they are saying?
1) First, nonlinear programming is used to model the non-proportional relationships between activity levels and the overall measure of performance. On the other hand, linear programming has a proportional relationship. Second, constructing nonlinear formulas for the nonlinear programming model is more complicated than developing the linear formula used in linear programming. Thirdly, it is difficult to solve the nonlinear programming model compared to a linear programming model, which is much easier (Hillier and Mark 281). (week 8)
2. The three disadvantages of Evolutionary Solver if we compare it with other solving methods are: Its performance is not so good in those models that have a lot of constraints. Also, this process is longer compared to Linear Solver or Nonlinear to find a final solution. Not only that, but the best solution found is not optimal. (week 8 s.k)
3.. There are several things that enlightened managers should know about linear programming. First, they must know how to solve linear programming models. Secondly, they must understand the technical details on how to validate as well as formulate complex models. Finally, they must understand technical details and be enlightened on how to best interact with computers when it comes to solving large models. (week 2)
4. A decision support system is a system that supports businesses and business activities. This system, after collecting data, also helps managers in making decisions in order to benefit from the business. Gathering data as well as testing hypotheses are one of the methods used by these managers to reach a conclusion. Also, managers predict for the future through predictive analytics which is quite important. So, with all this collaborative activity, managers create a very organized and necessarily successful job. (Week 1 s.k)
5. Seasonal factors analyze data information intentionally to detect recurring calendar-related modifications. With the use of historical data, the seasonal factor is also calculated. The seasonal factor also measures a period of the year and compares this period with the annual period.
(Week 10 s.k)
6. The two most important service time distributions are Degenerate distribution and Exponential distribution. The degenerate distribution is the probability distribution in the space with support of a lower dimension, and the exponential distribution is the probability distribution of the time between events. (Week 11 s.k)
7. This process requires a lot of time and money, and the steps to be followed are several.First, we must deal with the formulation of the detailed model, which has to do with the listing of all operations required by the system.Secondly, we have to do with time allocated for development and debugging, which has to do with the time spent on development of the system.Third is the consideration of alternatives, which deals with the comparison of different alternatives of stem, and which is more accurate. Finally, the evaluation of the system, which has to do with the evaluation and checking of the final system. (Week 12 s.k)
8. We are dealing with an investment portfolio when determining a person’s risk tolerance. Here the proper distribution of assets for an investor is used. Factors like annual income affect a person’s risk. But not only that, I would also add the ability a person may have to take risks, and the ability he has to distribute his investments in the right way using ingenuity.
(Week 15 s.k)
9. The optimal amount of order that will maximize profit is called the decision. In this case we are dealing with the number of financial journals that will be ordered. Its purpose is to increase profit. Although he is getting more copies than he sells, he has to decide what to do. But his profit depends on the distributor, because if he gets more shares, the profit will fall. (week 14 s.k)

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