Friendly note: I’ve already found a professor for my own exam, which seems very

Friendly note: I’ve already found a professor for my own exam, which seems very professional and great! This is for a mate of mine, but everything regarding payments, document sharing etc. will go through this Unemployedprofessors account. Hi everyone, maybe a little bit of an odd assignment, but let me try. I have an exam from 9:00 to 15:00 (CET) at the 18th of January, which will correspond to 03:00 AM to 09:00 (EST). It will be a 6 hour written exam in Applied Econometrics, which will be handed out online at the dot, and should be submitted 6 hours later. Therefore the project is very time sensitive, any breach (by seconds) of the admission will result in a failed grade. Therefore any professors, should be aware to devour these 6 hours to the exam at that specific time period. (Which could be night time if you are US Based). Now to the assignment: – 4 hour exam – 1/3 is Multiple Choice, 1/3 is done “by hand” and 1/3 is in RStudio, which therefore requires knowledge of R. I have all our “test” assignments coded in R, and therefore it might not be required to come up with new code, but just edit the code that is already done. Therefore the assignment is highly based on “statistics” and explanation of it, as well as mathematics, so the “pages” assigned is only an example, because of the amount of pictures that will be inserted into the assignment. Some of the topics for the course: The simple and multiple regression models and their interpretation. (OLS) Basic time series models (ARIMA), identification, estimation, testing and forecasting Time series econometrics. More advanced topics (e.g. ARCH) only at the introductory level. Syllabus: James H. Stock and Mark M. Watson, 2019, Introduction to Econometrics (4th international edition); Pearson Education Limited Learning objectives: Explain the concepts, models, methods and tools of econometrics as discussed during the course. Perform an academically founded econometric analysis on an identified problem in practice. Select, estimate and apply a suitable econometric model, including the assumptions, of the model toward solving a problem founded in practise. Discuss and solve any important problems encountered in relation to the analysis (e.g. heteroscedasticity for a cross-sectional data set) Perform hypotheses testing of both simple and more composite hypotheses Apply the model for the purpose it was constructed for (e.g. testing a theory or making forecasts). Report the results and conclusion of the analysis both if the reader of the report is an econometrician and if the reader is a non-econometrician (e.g. the CEO). Evaluate an empirical study conducted by another person/researcher and read and interpret output from statistical computer software. I’ve attached the original exam from this year (This assignment is the retake). For any additional info on syllabus, assignments etc. feel free to reach out! This exam is therefore time-sensitive, but should be “easy” in regards to the math/statistics used if you are experienced, but if there are anything there isn’t clear about the subject just reach out.

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