Final Paper Directions Submit your paper using the assignment folder posted in t

Final Paper Directions
Submit your paper using the assignment folder posted in the Day Eight Daily Learning Module or in the “Paper and Journal responses” Content Area by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 12th
This paper will be a four-five-page one in which you use two-three of the ethical theories/concepts/thinkers you have learned about this semester to examine a controversial ethical issue. The ethical issues you can choose from are in the Appendix of our textbook. Therefore, your first step is to choose an issue. For your convenience, I have listed these topic choices below.
 Should the Police Use Deceit in Interrogations? (Waller 280-282)
 The Death Penalty (Waller 283-285)
 The Ethics of Moral Enhancement (Waller 286-290)
 The Ethics of Immigration (Waller 291-293)
 The Treatment of Animals (Waller 294-301)
 Legacy Admissions (W aller 302-307)
 Patriotism (Waller 308-318)
From these options, choose which topic you would like to write about and read that chapter of our book. This reading will give you an overview of the topic itself and the controversial issue(s) related to it. When writing your paper, you will start by explaining what the ethical debate is surrounding the issue you have chosen. You can therefore paraphrase and summarize from this chapter and/or from library sources. (Remember to properly cite these sources!)
Once you have a topic, then you can think about which two or three ethical theories/concepts/ thinkers that we’ve covered in the course that you want to use to examine this topic. For example, I might decide to use care ethics, social contract theory and utilitarianism. After the introductory paragraphs of my paper (explained in the previous paragraph), I will then explain how someone who believes in one of the ethical concepts we have learned about would view this issue and what decision he/she would arrive at about how to deal with the problem. So, let’s pretend I’ve chosen the topic should the police use deceit in interrogations, and the three ethical theories I just listed: care ethics, social contract theory and utilitarianism, I would now include a paragraph or two explaining how a care ethicist would view the issue of police use of in interrogations and what decision this care ethicist would arrive at about how to deal with the problem. When I am done, I would do the same for a social contract theorist and then for autilitarian. (You don’t need to choose these three ethical theories—you can choose any two or three we’ve covered in the course).
After you have examined this issue through two or three ethical lens, you will then explain how you view the issue and what decision you would make. Please be sure to include how you arrived at your decision. Are you influenced by any of the ideas you read about in this class? Are there other factors you needed to consider when coming to a decision (such as a code of ethics or “rules” in your career field)?
Before this paper is due, I will be posting another lecture about organizing your ideas for this paper, but for now you can chose your topic and consider which ethical theories/concepts/thinkers essays you want to use.
I am happy to help you, so just ask me if you need assistance!
1. Four-five (full) pages long (not counting the Works Cited page)
2. Be sure to use and cite material from the book and in this paper.
3. Include a proper heading in the top left-hand corner
4. Your title should be centered below the info. I mentioned in #3
5. Double-space the entire paper
6. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font
7. Use the MLA Style of Documentation (Works Cited page and parenthetical citations)
Work Cited
Waller, Bruce N. Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues. 4th ed.,
Pearson, 2020.

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