explain why you wish to study the programme and how the qualification is relevan

explain why you wish to study the programme and how the qualification is relevant to your career aspirations, as well as your expectation of the programme
I will need help to write in better english for my personal statement for my application to my Master in Social Science in Counselling. I want to make it humble and professional.
Please read my background as follow.
I am a mother of three and a current mature student of my second Bachelor Degree in Psychology. I obtained my first Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences in 2006. After that, I have started my own wedding planner company from 2009 till now. Few years earlier, I have decided to move on and would want to pursue a second career (I never thought it is too late to change career). Understanding that my previous work experience might not be too relevant, I have applied to my second degree in 2019 and will be graduating in 2022. I am now applying to do a master degree therefore.
I always think that my job as a wedding planner is partly like being a counsellor. Besides successfully planning the couple’s wedding, most important of my job is being a good listener. A lot of couple will spend more than a year to plan their weddings and during this process, we will to build trust throughout their planner. A large part of my job requires me to solve a lot of problems. Between the couple and their families, they might have different thoughts and ideas and often lead to conflicts. As their planner, I will need to listen to them, find the best solution which I have are the important quailities of being a counsellor.
Throughout these years, I have been active in different community service, for example, I am the chartered president of The Rotary Community Corps and organize different charity events, including visit elderly, mask donations, bread run, etc.
I hope the above is clear and message me if you need any other information.

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