Establishing classroom procedures and implementing routines in the classroom hel

Establishing classroom procedures and implementing routines in the classroom help to manage the classroom and optimize time for instruction and efficient learning. Classroom procedures and routines should change depending on the needs of the class. Setting the expectations of the classroom is critical and must align with school/district philosophy.
Part 1: Classroom Expectations, Procedures, and Rules
For this assignment, create an 8 slide digital presentation to share classroom expectations, procedures, and rules (entering the classroom, using the restrooms, talking to others in the classroom, respect, responsibility, etc.) with students in your future classroom on the first day of school.
Include the following in your digital presentation:
Describe expectations of students’ in-class behaviors.
Develop 4-5 rules for your future classroom.
Define 4-5 procedures that will create a productive, positive classroom environment.
Explain how you will introduce, teach, and implement expectations, procedures, and rules.
Discuss the consequences if the rules are not followed.
Part 2: Technology
Describe three types of technology that will be used to help manage and enhance student engagement and classroom management, and what students will be taught  about the responsible use of each form of technology.
Title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes.
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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