Essay about issue topic: Is police brutality directly related to racism in Ameri

Essay about issue topic: Is police brutality directly related to racism in America?
Write Introduce opening and the 1st paragraph only ( 2 paragraph total)
Please read those with bold and underlined carefully!
Note: In addition, you must support your argument with at least two premises, which will fully
support your claim (conclusion).
Example premises for 1st para:
African-Americans are discriminated against – premise
Rodney King was brutally beaten for parking in the wrong place – premise
Conclusion: Rodney King was discriminated against
>>>>>>>>>This is the link use as reference for 1st Paragraph, Plz don’t use another. >>>>>>>>
Purpose: This assignment should help you solidify your skills with formal
Assignment: Write an argument where you persuade your readers to adapt a
particular position on police brutality. A well-rounded argument will consider
opposing viewpoints and attempt to refute them.
Ways to Proceed: The issue concerning police brutality has more than one
side even if you do not think that it does. First, do some prewriting to figure
out what YOUR position is. Define all sides of the argument: for, against, and
in the middle. Lay out arguments for your position ( need for 1st body paragraph)
. Next, lay out those arguments against your position. You must be able to understand opposing
viewpoints if you plan to neutralize their arguments. Finally, craft an essay
where you persuade readers that your opinion is the most reasonable position
on this issue. Such an essay will naturally try to dissuade readers from
dissenting opinions. You must incorporate a counterargument and refute the
opposing arguments by neutralizing it and finding flaws (via fallacies or the
fact that such stated positions are clearly unreasonable). A well-rounded and
thoughtful essay will make your position seem the most rational while
accurately neutralizing opposing arguments.
Criteria for Evaluation:
must include an annotated works cited page for your three credible sources. It
must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, which follows MLA
formatting. The three credible sources are as follows: one supporting your
position, one supporting an opposing viewpoint (counterclaim), and one
reference to the documentary LA92. These three sources must be annotated.
All other sources can simply be cited in MLA format below the annotated

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