DUE: JAN 22, 2022 This might be one full page and a half* I will add the money f

DUE: JAN 22, 2022 This might be one full page and a half* I will add the money for half the page when the professor is selected or talk with the professor to see if it will take 2 pages Observation, documentation, and reflection are important skills for early childhood professionals to develop. In this assignment, you will learn more about these important processes. First watch the video at Clearing Your View: Staying Objective in Observation at https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/video/clearing-your-view-staying-objective-observation This video is about observing infants, but many of the ideas apply to observing young children of all ages. Then watch the video titled Teachers Reflect Together at https://youtu.be/04vZ6PyXXGM and answer the questions below in paragraph form, clearly labeling each question: 1. What did you observe about the two teachers in the video? 2. How did the two teachers work together to document their observations? 3. What were some ways in which the teachers encouraged each other to say more about their observations? 4. What are some of the examples of the observations the teachers made of individual children during the day? 5. After watching this video, what comes to mind for you about the importance of documenting observations of individual children? 6. In what ways might observations about individual children be useful to you as a teacher?

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