Dears, I have attached to you all the needed documents to complete the paper as

I have attached to you all the needed documents to complete the paper as the following:
1. Talent management and workforce planning Assignment Instructions.
2. Sample paper – This is a high pass paper that I need you to review to ensure our paper is similar to it to receive a high pass as well.
3. A mandatory video to be watched to ensure to cover all questions as expected:
4. Anglia Ruskin Quick Harvard Guide & Anglia Ruskin Quick Harvard Guide.
5. Strategic reward and total reward 2020 (source to use).
6. Reward Management Report (source to use).
7. CIPD Employee turnover and retention 2021 (source to use).
8. Course Slide Deck.
9. Employee relations an introduction (source to use).
10. CIPD Workforce Planning Practice 2020 (source to use).
11. CIPD Workforce Planning 2020 (source to use).
12. CIPD Talent Management 2020 (source to use).
13. CIPD Succession Planning 2020(source to use).
14 Assignment Submission Checklist – you need to review it before you send me the paper.
15. Assignment grading sheet – This has to be added to the paper just like the sample paper.
16. Associate Diploma in People Management – you need to read the criteria for each question and ensure that our response is covering what are they looking for.
Please note the following:
– Word count must be as instructed and explained as they are very strict about it, each section has limited words that you need to follow and not exceed.
– The slides must be clear with a lot of explanations and not only sentences just like the sample paper.
– You need to review all the attached files for you to complete the paper.
– The grader is very tough so please ensure that you follow the instructions.
Please let me know if you have any question
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