check those two website and write the answer.

check those two website and write the answer.
Refer to the NYT article that summarizes the findings about a study related to opinions on renaming
schizophrenia, along with the published journal article that was the basis for the summary. Links to
both articles are on the Homework 1 Assignment page. Use these two sources to answer parts
(a) – (f).
a) Is this an observational study or an experiment? Briefly explain.
b) What is the population of interest?
c) Briefly outline how the researchers recruited participants for the study. What was the sample
d) The NYT article mentions that “…74 percent of respondents favored a new name in principle.”
Based on the journal article, what does this really mean? [Hint: look at Table 2 in the journal
e) List two study limitations cited by the authors of the journal article.
f) Why do you think it is important to include a limitations section when writing a journal article?

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