Ch 12 – Motivation, flow, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, hierarchy of needs Ch

Ch 12 – Motivation, flow, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, hierarchy of needs
Ch 11 & 10 – Constructivism, web of knowledge, group learning, technology, bandura (Bobo the clown).
Chapter 9 – Metacognition (thinking about one’s thinking), critical thinking, argumentation (thinking for yourself and stating your argument), problem solving, creativity, learning strategies, teaching for transfer.
Ch 8 – Cognitive Views of Learning, how to receive and retain information (SEE TEACHER TIPS)
Ch 7 – The Behavioural Views of Learning, Pavlov and Skinner, operative conditioning, classical conditioning.
Ch 6 – Diversity in the Classroom, culture, social class, beauty and difficulty when dealing with diversity, understanding other people’s opinions and backgrounds, conflict, peer influences, self esteem, stereotypes, the danger of bias.
Ch 5 – Language, multilingual, gen 1.5 (someone born into one country but immigrated at a young age – dipped feet into both cultures, experience both sides, torn), language development in children (how children develop and learn languages).
Ch 4 – Learner differences and learning needs, benefits of labels (getting the help they need), problems with labels (learned helplessness, self-fulfilling prophecies), theories of intelligence, learning styles, impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (guarantees that every student in Canada has the right to an education), integration, inclusivity etc.
Ch 3 – Personal and Social Development, Erikson and Brofenbrenner, different parenting styles and how they affect their children as students.
Ch 2 – Cognitive Development, nature vs nurture (whether things are biological or applied to our understanding because of our environment), Piaget (principles of development, certain rate and stages) and Vygotsky (sociocultural theory, FLOW/ZPD, we don’t learn in a vacuum, scaffolding).
Ch 1 – Learning, Teaching, and Educational Psychology.

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