ASSIGNMENT Your assignment is to write a short annotated bibliography. For an ex

Your assignment is to write a short annotated bibliography. For an explanation (and sample) of annotated bibliographies, refer to pages 307-308 of the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual.
Step 1:
Using any of the databases from the nursing research guide, find two articles that would be appropriate sources for your Unit 5 essay in response to the prompt (below). Be sure to select the link in the database for “peer review.” This means that your research will include only articles written for academic journals.
Step 2:
Write an annotated bibliography for your two articles. The annotation for each article should consist of a brief summary and evaluation of its content, and the reference information should be in APA format.
Step 3:
Submit your annotated bibliography as a Word document.
Be prepared to use the two articles for Unit 4 and 5 and to include the articles in your final draft for Unit 6.
PROMPT: How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties? You can use your own experience as a healthcare professional to support your argument. However, a personal narrative is not appropriate for this assignment; rather, include your own critical and analytical ideas based on your experiences. Do not attempt to address every aspect of the Chief Nursing Officer’s impact on nurses. Instead, focus on two or three areas you think are most important.
The website for the first article attached is .
and this is the second one.
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