Assignment: You must choose and research a developing/3rd world country. The pur

Assignment: You must choose and research a developing/3rd world country. The purpose of the assignment is an assessment of the country’s political, economic, and social development. The paper must be approximately 10 pages in textual length, double spaced, 12 pt., times new roman font. Proper citations are required (parenthetical citations or foot notes will be fine) and a bibliography must be included. Basic outline of paper requirements: 1. Introduction and country background: Explain why the country is underdeveloped. Is the country a former colony? How do modernization and dependency theories explain the state’s underdevelopment? What other factors have resulted in underdevelopment? 2. Economic underdevelopment: Various measures of economic underdevelopment, the role of the state, the country’s economic policy, the country’s industrialization strategy, income inequality, agrarian reform, urbanization and its economic impact, etc. 3. Social underdevelopment: Various measures of social development and a discussion of your country’s level of social development. The status of women, the impact of religion, cultural pluralism and ethnic conflict, social problems and urbanization/rural class structures, etc. 4. Political underdevelopment: Discussion of regime type and how we measure political underdevelopment, women and politics, peasant politics, political consequences of urban growth, religions impact on politics, the military’s role in politics, etc. 5. Conclusion: Suggestions for improving the prospects for development of the state.

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