Assignment 1: Selecting and Summarizing a Research Project In this assignment, y

Assignment 1: Selecting and Summarizing a Research Project
In this assignment, you will be assessed based on the following Course Outcome:
BU486-1: Select a contemporary and relevant topic of study in the field of business.
Write a 1–2-page summary of your research topic. Make sure to include your thesis statement (see help on this below) in the first paragraph.
Then, explain the relevance of the topic to you and your professional goals. Research in the Library for 10 credible sources regarding your topic. This summary will provide direction for the rest of the project. If your research topic lacks focus or will not sustain an entire paper, your instructor will advise you to pick another topic.
To access information on creating a thesis statement: Go to the Writing Center Links and scroll all the way down to “Thesis Statements.”
Remember APA formatting requires using double spacing, Times New Roman type (or other sans serif per your instructor), and 11 or 12-point font.
Research in the Library to find at least 10 viable topic related articles and note them (these do not have to be in APA format right now).
Decide what your thesis will be and include it in an introductory paragraph
Write your summary of your research topic
Include relevance of your topic to:
The field of business
To you and your professional goals
Write a paragraph at the end as a conclusion
Assignment 2: Article Summary
Summarization is an important skill to have in business. Your boss may ask you for a synopsis of a meeting or a new venture or idea. Practice now by writing a synopsis of some of your articles regarding your topic for your research paper.
Research in the Library to find at least five articles that will be viable resources for your topic. Keep these articles as you will need them for your annotated bibliography in the next unit.
Choose four articles from the Library that you chose for your paper regarding your topic and summarize them in a Word document in 500–600 words.
Make sure to spell and grammar check your paper before submission.
The Difference between an Annotated Bibliography and a Reference Page
The Annotated Bibliography is a listing of all the sources you considered in preparing your paper. Each source is listed and then is followed by a few paragraphs with a synopsis of the content, the viability of the source data (i.e., peer-reviewed/scholarly) and whether it is accurate data, and the pros and cons of using this source for your purposes.

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