Argumentative Essay Instructions (1) Write a double-spaced, four-page argumenta

Argumentative Essay Instructions
(1) Write a double-spaced, four-page argumentative essay +
one page outline (4+1=5) on one of the topics in paragraph “c” below. Use Times
New Roman 12-point font.
(2) Be sure to include the topic you are addressing on your
cover sheet.
(3) The essay will include documentation in the form of
endnotes (but not in-text citations).
(4) You may use scholarly sources. A bibliography is
required. The bibliography should follow the endnotes (if used). Arrange
bibliography alphabetically (last name first) and group according to type of
source (books, Internet, periodicals, etc.). Use the style in Turabian,
Prentice-Hall (also refer to The Gregg Reference Manual), and ST 22-2.
(5) Keep in mind that while you may discuss the implications
of the essay topic for today’s military, this is a history paper. You will be
assessed on your ability to analyze history as a tool for informing professional
Using historical evidence from throughout H400, defend or
refute the existence of an American Way of War and why it matters

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